Hilarious Face Swaps From The Most Terrifying Snapchat

Snapchat has recently introduced a new filter that lets you swap your face with another person. Or a cookie. Though created for the use of people, with the right angle, the filter allows you to see what you would look like if you swapped faces with a cat, or a banana. It’s kind of creepy to say the least.

Here is a list of both hilarious and terrifying face swaps. But it’s still incomplete.

1 By Far The Best Face Swap In A Long Time

#2 Face Swap Gone Horribly Wrong

3 I Delivered

4 Face Swap

5 Tried To Do A Face Swap With My Infant Daughter

6 I Tried Face Swap. I Think I’ll Stop Now

7 It Registered The Car’s Tire Rim As A Face

8 Face Swap

9 Me And My Friends Face Swap Went Horribly Right

10 Possibly One Of The Best Face Swaps

11 I Mean I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Mermaid

12 Face Swap Is Fucking Awesome

13 Face Swap With My Dog

14 Terrifying Result Of Face Swap With Son

15 Face Swap With Cookie


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Hilarious Face Swaps From The Most Terrifying Snapchat